Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Rapid Mixer Granulator in Ahmedabad – India

Our Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to achieve excellent mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost along with higher productivity. Better mixing and closed control of granule size lead to faster tableting speeds with improved quality and least rejections. RMG is a multi-purpose processer equally suitable for high-speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulation, and effervescent products and melts Pelletization.

The granulation is conventionally performed in our Granulators by Mixing of dry material at high impeller and chopper speeds for a few minutes and by addition of liquid binder by pouring it on to the powder while both the impeller and chopper are running at a low speed.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is a mixing unit with bottom entry agitator and side-mounted chopper for granulation. It is used for dry blending, wet mixing, preparation of dough and granulation, i.e. cutting of the wet mass into small size granules. It works on the basic principle of agitation of the contents of the bowl at moderate speed and then running a specially profiled cutter blade at high speeds into the wet mass.

Rapid Mixer Granulator cGMP manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Special Features:

  • Models available from 15 Ltr. to 800 Ltr. working capacity
  • Fully automatic operation based on PLC control
  • Better productivity & lesser mixing time
  • Contact parts are SS 316/316L
  • Uniform mixing & granulation
  • Less handling & More hygieni ccGMP with documentation
Model Gross Capacity(L) Working Capacity (L) Impeller Motor Gear Box Ratio
 GPT-RMG10 10 8 1 HP 2880 RPM
GPT-RMG50 50 40 5/7.5 Hp 750/1440 RPM
GPT-RMG750 750 560 30/40 Hp 750/1440 RPM 9” Ratio 10:1
 GPT-RMG1000 1000 750 60/75 Hp 750/1440 RPM 12” Ratio 10:1
 GPT-RMG1200 1200 1000 60/75 Hp 750/1440 RPM 12” Ratio 10:1
GPT-RMG1400 1400 1200 75/100 Hp 750/1440 RPM 12” Ratio 10:1
GPT-RMG2000 2000 1600 75/100 HP 750/1440 RPM 12” Ratio 10:1
 GPT-RMG2500 2500 2200 75/100 HP 750/1440 RPM 12” Ratio 10:1