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Ganesh PharmaTech Pvt. Ltd provides reliable solutions to help Customers to meet a growing demand in the pharmaceutical sector for improved efficiency, consistent quality and enhanced safety. Our filling machines are compatible with not only vials but also Ampoules, Cartridges, and Syringes and can handle toxic or non-toxic products in both liquid and powder form.Parenteral& Injectable preparations are sterile preparations containing one or more active ingredients intended for administration by injection, infusion or implantation into the body. They are packaged in either single-dose or multidose containers


  • Single & Double Wheel Arrangement
  • Available in Automatic & Semi-Automatic Models
  • cGMP Models
  • Can Fill 60-200 Vials / Bottles Per Minute
  • Filling Accuracy of 99% (+ 1 %).
  • Can be Equipped with a Rubber Stoppering Unit
  • Powder Hoppers are Vibrated by Mechanical Agitators
  • Compact, Durable and Ensures Aseptic Filling Conditions
  • Each wheel has a piston used to meter the powder being feed to vacuum space between the hopper and piston as well as a custom blade to scrap off excess powder.
  • “No Vial – No Filling”
  • “No Vial – No Rubber Stopper”
  • PLC HMI Based Control System
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Automatic Injectable Vial Filling Machine

automatic injectable vial filling machine

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Automatic Vial Filling Line

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