Special Features:

  • Totally cGMP Compact design availably in plain, water jacketed & Flame proof model.
  • It’s improving the bulk density of material.
  • It’s improves uniform mixing of material.
  • It’s achieve better granulation of sieves analysis.
  • It’s produce uniform particle size range of granules.
  • Various types of roll available to achieve maximum bulk density of output.
  • Specially designed feeding system consisting of hopper pre-densifer& variable speed drive unit.
  • Feeding unit can hydraulically lift by hydraulic pump for easy cleaning.
  • Specially design provide in the roller to prevent powder sticking on the roll.
  • Pre-compression chamber guides the powder without any slippage or leakage.
  • To prevent major accident the roll is designed to rotate reverse & forward when cleaning. Specially limit switch is provided to prevent major accident.
  • Main roll drive is design with twin shaft gear box coupled with coupling to protect roll drive unit therefore perfectly synchronizing the roll with a constant torque.
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Specifications :

Model GTP-RC-35
Output 2-5  Kgs./Hr.*
Roll size Ø 100 mm x 35 mm
Roll speed (through AC Drive )) 2 to 25 RPM
Feed screw speed(through AC Drive ) 5 to 60 RPM
Roll drive Motor 3Hp/960RPM/3 Ph.
Feed screw driver motor 1 HP / 1440 RPM / 3 Ph.

Output depending upon the material characteristics & its nature.

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Water Jacketing System to be used considering the below points:

  • Water should enter in the water-jacketing system with gravitational force and the inlet of water must be parallel to it.
  • The force of inlet water should not be high, it must be normal.
  • The volume of inlet and outlet should be equal it means if outlet volume is one liter in 10 min. then inlet volume should not increase than 1 liter in 10 minutes.
  • Force of inlet water should be controlled through appropriate valve between inlet of water- jacketing system and your source of water supply.
  • Outlet water from water-jacketing system must not be re-circulated to avoid backpressure to the seals and it should go to drain only.
  • Always supply raw water to the water-jacketing system as it is require maintaining the temperature between two rolls while compaction.
  • Don’t supply chilled water as it will condensed to rolls and shafts because the area, where the machine will be installed, will be air conditioned and also Rh must be maintained.
  • If above points are considered and implemented during the installation of the machine, the problem of leakage from the water-jacketing system should not occur.

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