Our Fluid Bed Dryers offer a custom solution to drying of wet granules, crystalline or coarse materials. It utilizes the principle of passing the hot air at a high velocity through the bed of the material to be dried thus causing it to fluidize.

Fluidized bed technique is most effectively utilized in a number of heat and mass transfer applications like Drying, Cooling, Calcinations, Roasting, Carbonization, Reaction, Sterilization, and much more.

Fluid means a liquid. A substance is said to be fluidized when it starts behaving like a liquid. When a determined quantity of air is passed below a perforated bed, carrying the substance to be dried, say PVC, the material starts bubbling and it behaves like a fluid. Much depends upon the substance, its moisture content, size of perforations, and airflow.

When the air velocity is low, the bed of solids remains still. As the air velocity increases, the particles on the upper part of the static bed begin to move and separate from one another. The particulate bed is expanded and the movement of particles becomes an active form of a mixture of air and particles. This gas­ solid mixture is called “Fluidized Bed”.

When the air velocity through the fluidized bed is increased further, the particles bubble more and more vigorously some of the particles begin to gradually fly-off. When the air velocity exceeds the terminal velocity of the particles all of the particles may be blown-off resulting in “Carry Over”.

Fluid Bed Dryer cGMP manufacturer in Ahmedabad

The blower situated on the exhaust side of the dryer operates on negative pressure principle which creates the induced draught and sucks in the fresh air into the dryer. A stream of hot filtered air is introduced from the bottom of the product container containing the wet material. This container is provided with the air distribution plate and Dutch sieve. The air stream is passed through the bed of the material and fluidizes the product particles by creating the turbulence in the product container. Due to fluidization, each particle gets surrounded by hot air which leads to quick & uniform heating and drying. Filter bags provided at the top prevent escaping of particles from the machine.

Special Features:

  • Working capacity of 2 kg. To 1000 kg. is available.
  • The Fluid Bed Dryer is a highly versatile machine for drying of granules, crystalline & coarse powders and similar materials for the pharmaceutical, Chemical and food industries.
  • Due to its unique design and flexibility, the drying time and loss of material is greatly reduced thereby increasing production.
  • A Filter bag provided inside the drying chamber prevents the finest particles of the material from entering the air stream.
  • The main chamber is provided with an explosion flap to protect against pressure developing inside the chamber.
  • Digital temperature controller for the inlet air and temperature indicator for the outlet air comes as a standard.
  • Higher capacity models are provided with automatic operation like automatic bag shaker timer, pneumatic damper operation, process timer, sampling valve with bottle, etc is provided.
  • All contact parts are S.S.304 or 316 qualities as per customer’s requirement.
  • Pneumatic lifting for product container (optional for lower models).
  • Explosion flap with aluminum / calf gasket to protect from pressure building inside the chamber.

General Technical Specifications

MODEL for Fluid Bed Dryer GPT – FBD – 30 GPT- FBD – 60 GPT – FBD – 120
Container volume 100 Ltrs 210 Ltrs. 360 Ltrs.
Batch capacity 30 -35 Kg 60 Kg 120KG
Motor- 3 Phase/440 V / AC 5 HP 10 HP 15HP
Electric Heater capacity 18 KW 36 KW 130(kg./hr )
Bowl lifting By pneumatic cylinder By pneumatic cylinder By pneumatic cylinder
Filter bag Shaking Automatic Manual Manual
Drying temperature 50°-80° Degree 50°-80° Degree 50°-80° Degree
Minimum Steam 4 Kgs./cm² 4 Kgs./cm² 4 Kgs./cm²
Compressed Air 4 Kgs./cm² 4 Kgs./cm² 4 Kgs./cm²
C.F.M 1500 2000 2500
Overall Dimensions
(W X D X H) in mm
1000 X 2250 X 2500 1350 X 2600 X 2800  1550 X 2850 X 3300